The Artist’s Way ~ Dinner and Discussion

Every Monday night starting January 2nd – March 26th, 2012

Literati Bar, 12083 Wilshire Boulevard at Bundy

The Spiritual Path to Awakening Divine Creativity

Come together every Monday night for dinner and discussion about the seminal book on the subject of creativity.

An international bestseller, The Artist’s way has been an invaluable guide for millions of individuals who are living the artist’s life. This powerfully provocative and inspiring work has been updated and expanded over the past decade and Gigi adds her personal touch in the bar of her family’s restaurant, Literati Cafe.

Every Monday night starting January 2nd from 6:30 – 8:30pm until March 26th 2012.

1. Jan 2 – Safety
2. Jan 9 – Identity
3. Jan 16 – Power
4. Jan 23 – Integrity
5. Jan 30 – Possibility
6. Feb 6 – Abundance
7. Feb 13 – Connection
8. Feb 20 – Strength
9. Feb 27 – Compassion
10. March 5 – Self-Protection
11. March 12 – Autonomy
12. March 19 – Faith


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11th Annual Creative Genius Poetry Contest

From NOW until Halloween, we’re accepting poem submissions for our annual contest. The winner receives $150 gift card to Literati Cafe or Literati Bar & Grill AND your name will be engraved on the plaque over the fireplace with our other Creative Genius Award Winners.





11 lines


Comment Box in Cafe (before October 31st)

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Bleeding Gold Blood: Literati’s Book Club hosted by Gigi Yogini

The Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart by Julia Cameron

Mondays at Literati Bar & Grill
6:30 – 8:30pm
Hosted by Brigitte Kouba aka Gigi Yogini
$15 Commitment of food or beverage

8/1/11 – Setting Out – The tool kit
8/8/11 – The Kingdom of Story 1/2 – Our guiding self-image.
8/15/11 – The Kingdom of Story 2/2 – Our guiding self-image.
8/22/11 – The Kingdom of Sight – Honoring our intuition.
8/29/11 – The Kingdom of Sound – Tune into the flow.
9/5/11 – The Kingdom of Attitude 1/2 – Release of negative self-talk.
9/12/11 – The Kingdom of Attitude 2/2 – Release of negative self-talk.
9/19/11 – The Kingdom of Relationship 1/3 – Chose companions we can trust.
9/26/11 – The Kingdom of Relationship 2/3 – Chose companions we can trust.
10/3/11 – The Kingdom of Relationship 3/3 – Chose companions we can trust.
10/10/11 – The Kingdom of Spirituality – Conscious contact with the higher realms.
10/17/11 – The Kingdom of Possibility – Inhabiting our creative life vision.
10/24/11 – The Kingdom of Possibility – Inhabiting our creative life vision.
10/31/11 – Halloween Dinner Theater – Showcase of scary talents.

Each week we’ll explore a topic from the chapters of Julia Cameron’s book, The Vein of Gold. Circle members are asked to read and complete the chapter before coming to the group in order to participate in discussion. However, the facilitation allows for people to contribute even without having read the chapter. Plus, some topics are extended for longer than one week, so there is space to ebb and flow.

$50 discount to any woman who participate in the Vein of Cold circle who want to join Gigi Yogini’s Shakti Women’s Circle in October.

email to register

I am also looking for a volunteer(s) for the following positions:

1. Group Manager – A friendly and organized individual who can be responsible for gathering circle members’ contact information and updating weekly.
2. Photographer & Media Support – An outgoing and productive individual who facilitates the group photo, uploads to facebook and tags individuals.
3. Calendar Keeper – A creative and detail oriented individual who can compile a list of participants’ events, shows, parties, etc.

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Veggie Juice – That’s Right.

That’s right, back by popular demand, fresh squeezed veggie juice is now available at the Literati Cafe.

The perfect drink for the summer.

We all know it’s good for you, and when mixed properly, it can be ridiculously delicious. Our resident yoga instructor, Gigi Yogini, suggests Spinach, Cucumber, Kale and Apple.

According the the USDA guidelines for Americans, less than a cup of vegetable juice is equivalent to a serving. Plus studies show that veggie juice reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer as well as reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s disease by 76%.

All the better reason to enjoy!

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Mug Shot: Angela Doss

photo by Jean Luc Dushime

Angela Doss

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Favorite Drinks: Honey Spiced Latte & Peppermint Mocha

Favorite Table: the one with my friend

While at Literati Cafe, Angela works on writing her book and editing her photos.

Favorite Quote:
“If you’re taking life too seriously, you’re not taking it seriously enough.”

– Unknown

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MUG Shot: Aaron Pompey

photo by Jean Luc Dushime

Aaron Pompey

Hometown: Whittier, CA

Favorite Drink: Mint tea

Favorite Table: Corner table, by the mirror, near the exit

While at Literati Cafe, Aaron works on wiring his feature-length script.

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Valentines Day Mug Shot: Mike & Heather

photo by Jean Luc Dushime

Michael Kumelski & Heather Clay

His and Her Hometowns: Phoenix, Arizona & Clovis, CA

His and Her Favorite Drinks: Iced Coffee & Egg Nog Latte

His and Her Favorite Tables: Near the window the the bench seat.

While at Literati Cafe, Mike and Heather enjoy the music, coffee, atmosphere and most of all, each other.

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